Devil Hunter Yohko is an anime series created by Madhouse, produced by Toho, and published in North America by ADV Films. Devil Hunter Yohko was ADV Films’ first VHS release. ADV co-founder, Matt Greenfield, said the reason Yohko was chosen as the first release was because “we wanted something that was really very unique, that people were going to say ‘Whoa! What was that?’, because at the time no one in the US had seen anything like this.” Toho reluctantly licensed Devil Hunter Yohko to ADV, making the title ADV’s first; even though Shozo Watanabe, the general manager of the Los Angeles office of Toho, expressed concern that ADV would not be able to handle the distribution of the film, Toho was unable to find another distributor, so it selected ADV. The story was adapted into a manga by Gaku Miyao. The anime was re-released to DVD in 2002, commemorating the tenth anniversary of its original release by ADV.

TV Status: Avslutad

Längd: 30m min


TMDb: 80%