2TV was an Irish music programme broadcast on Sunday mornings on both Network 2 television and RTE 2fm radio from 1995 until at least 2001, even during the summer months. It was presented by Dave Fanning, with Bianca Luykx, although Ray D’Arcy was once said to have done a summer show to allow Fanning to spend more time with his family, being referred to as “Dave” “about a dozen times”. The programme was essentially a continuation of Ian Dempsey’s The Beatbox, which had occupied 2TV’s Sunday morning time-slot for the previous number of years. In 2000, Fanning admitted that he did no work on the show and that he did not like most of the music he played on it. This was not however the reason for its cancellation as he also said he would continue presenting it. Fanning described it as “not rocket science, it’s moron television”, saying he “hardly even knew where the 2TV office was, and that’s God’s honest truth”. Promotions for the show were created by a Swede, Jorgen Andreason, who had ten years experience at Swedish Television before moving to Ireland. The show was sponsored by Coca-Cola for a number of years.

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