Diomedes, el Cacique de La Junta

Diomedes, el Cacique de La Junta

At just 10 years Diomedes shares with his father Rafael Maria responsibility to bring up her family. In the Board, Guajira, his birth place, and in the midst of so many brothers and little money, Diomedes know that doing this is not easy. Diomedes life takes a turn when discovering love for the first time in the hands of Melida and this is when it begins to write the story of love and passionate Diomedes will be the rest of his life. Melida but also gets her first heartbreak and because of this Diomedes discovers the gift of versear who will accompany him forever. Years pass and in the midst of the struggle for the welfare of his family, Diomedes grows the illusion of being vallenato singer and with the help of his uncle Martin works singing in the cockpit of the people, but also knows the great love of his life, Lucia Arjona. The couple falls in love and live a stormy romane, until finally Diomedes makes his wife and begins to build a successful career and fame. However, in this world you know Diomedes alcohol, drug and its great weakness for women. Why their marriage is over and comes to life his second great love, Betsy Liliana. A woman who warns him that if he misbehaves with her, she will do the same. However, women do not stop and Diomedes know Consuelo Martinez and Claudia Viviana, two women who are his fans but quickly become lovers. One night in his apartment in Bogota and in full unbridled rumba biggest misfortune to Diomedes arrives, the death of Claudia. Diomedes is charged with felony murder and pays several years in prison as Consuelo. When Diomedes manages to leave behind its dark criminal record, Betsy separated from Liliana and overcomes a disease that almost killed him, his career is driven again and arrives? Latin Grammy ?, Diomedes feels at the peak of his career. Consuelo, who was with him on his success and his misfortunes is now his wife and living a beautiful romance, however the drug and alcohol never go away from his life and this is how Diomedes suffering several relapses in their health and eventually dies Consuelo leaving with a promise of marriage that was never fulfilled. His fans also suffers the news of his death and burial in a mass Valledupar his followers fired and leave forever alive the memory of the great Cacique of the Board.

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