Lara Cinta Ameena

Lara Cinta Ameena

Ameena tells an orphan while the child Radhuan tycoon. But they are united in love instantly separated by slander sown by Mrs. Kirana, baby Radhuan. Ameera divorced and he brought himself to Sabah. Radhuan life is empty without Ameena. Radhuan heart imprisoned in an unhappy marriage with Ezaty. In Ameena incubate and raise Jeffrey alone. Ameena had to return to Kuala Lumpur because Jeffrey was seriously ill. Unexpected meeting with an Radhuan hunt Ameena Ameena love back. Ameena had to avoid being blackmailed by a former law. Radhuan broken hearts that have wanted a child, to learn that Ameena hide their children during this time. Radhuan smoldering hatred against Ameena when his son died less than an hour dipangkuannya they meet. Ameena go take care of the sick.

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