Namak Haraam

Namak Haraam

Namak Haraam is a daily soap that premiered at March 2 2009 on the Indian channel Real TV.Swati is an idealistic district collector, who is married to Karan, a business tycoon. Everything seems to be fine among them until their individual ideals start affecting their personal life. Swati is keen to start a housing project for the villagers on a plot of land that Karan’s father, Indrajeet Sehgal, is eyeing to build a cement factory. He eggs on Karan to utilise the power Swati wields as a bureaucrat to make profit in business. Karan agrees, though unwillingly, and tries to convince her to give up on her plans. Soon, Swati discovers that she has been manipulated by the man she trusted the most. A conflict of ideas is set to engulf their five-year-old marriage. Swati remains adamant about fighting for the rights of villagers.

Visningar: 124

Genre: Okategoriserade

TV Status: Avslutad

Längd: 24m min

TMDb: 0%