Ruk Long Jai

Ruk Long Jai

Ploy still can’t forget about Jay, always secretly hoping that he will come back to her. Ploy now works as a director at a famous film production company owned by Thank. Although Thank shows interest in Ploy, she refuses to open up her heart to him because she is still waiting for Jay. However, Ploy knows that Jay will be marrying Pin soon. Toey returns to Thailand from her studies overseas andencourages Ploy to get Jay back. With the help of Toey, Jay and Ploy are able to reconcile. Jay becomes insecure of his upcoming marriage with Pin because he realizes he still has feelings for Ploy. The story of revenge continues with this sequel as Ploy will attempt to reveal Pin’s true nature and fight for her old love.

Visningar: 268

Genre: Drama

TV Status: Återkommande serie

Längd: 50m min


TMDb: 0%