Stoppit and Tidyup

Stoppit and Tidyup

Stoppit and Tidyup is a British children’s animated cartoon series originally broadcast by the BBC in 1987. The series was created by Charles Mills and Terry Brain, the duo behind CMTB Animation who had previously created a claymation called The Trap Door. Apart from the main characters Stoppit, a red ball of fluff, and Tidyup, a gherkin-loving purple lump, the supporting characters included Comb Your Hair, Wash Your Face, Hurry Up, Go and Play and with his favourite toy, poor little Calm Down, nasty little Not Now, the two bees, sleepy old Go to Bed, Don’t Do That, Take Care, Eat Your Greens, Clean Your Teeth and the big, bad I Said: ”No!”, not to mention Say Please And Say Thank You. There were also extra characters called Naughties and Sit Downs, and they all lived in the mythical land of Do As You’re Told. Each episode was five minutes in length. The series was part funded by The Tidy Britain Group, a Wigan-based organisation whose aim was to reduce the amount of unsolicited rubbish in and around the United Kingdom.

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Genre: Animerat


TV Status: Avslutad

Längd: 5m min


TMDb: 60%