Sump’n Else

Sump’n Else

Sump’n Else was a live teen dance show that aired in 1965-1968 on Channel 8 WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas. The format was similar to that of American Bandstand, featuring a youthful host, Ron Chapman, who went on to local fame as the long-time morning host of KVIL 103.7 FM and often co hosted by Ralph Baker, Jr. who was a local television and radio commercial announcer. Ralph was also known as The Sanger-Harris Man because he was a fashion model for the Sanger-Harris department store. He hosted the Sanger-Harris fashion segment on the Sump’n Else show. He was also a KLIF-AM announcer at the time. Ralph also discovered Little Group member Calleen Anderegg and auditioned her at WFAA on The Group and Chapman Show. The show featured nationally known guest performers, including The Monkees, Herman’s Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, 13th Floor Elevators, Sonny and Cher, The Outsiders and Frank Zappa. Sump’n Else also featured a group of local “go-go” dancers, who were students from local high schools known as “The Little Group”. The original four included Joan Prather of Highland Park High School, who later played a recurring role in the television program Eight is Enough, Delpha Teague of Thomas Jefferson HS, Calleen Anderegg of Richardson High School, who was also Miss Dallas 1966, and Kathy Forney. The second “Little Group” included Cheryl Lovett from Kimball HS, Martha Latimer, Becky Ballard, and Melody Coleman of Garland High School. Pat Osborne was also in the second Little Group”. Morgan Fairchild, then known as Patsy McClenny, used to dance in the audience and auditioned three times to be a member of The Little Group and did not get the role. She was a guest star as a child on the Mr. Peppermint Show, another program that broadcast on WFAA. Recurring substitute members include Pat Osborne and Chere Mauldin. The Sump’n Else show featured local DFW house bands to perform including The Novas, The Five Americans, Those Guys, Kenny and the Kasuals, The Briks, Mouse and the Traps, Kit and the Outlaws and many others.

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