The Facetale – Cinderia

The Facetale – Cinderia

The two best friends are polar opposites. Cin De Ri works for a cosmetics company but prefers not to wear makeup due to a traumatic incident in college. Her best friend is Gae Mo Ran, the impeccable and gorgeous beauty host. When Cin De Ri stands in for Mo Ran on a blind date with the handsome Lee Jun Yeol, she becomes smitten with him. But Mo Ran then decides she wants Jun Yeol for herself and tries to seduce him. Angry, Cin De Ri decides her Plain Jane days are over and uses a mysterious compact that can conjure three makeup fairies – Fairy Won Hye, Fairy Hwal Ran, and Fairy Dae Shik – to transform her into a beautiful woman. Wang Sae Son is mesmerized by the sudden change in Cin De Ri. But the compact can only be used up to eight times. What will happen to Cin De Ri when she runs out of magic transformations?

Visningar: 109

Genre: Okategoriserade

TV Status: Återkommande serie

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