The Future Is Wild

The Future Is Wild

The Future is Wild is an animated children’s version of Canadian 2003 joint Animal Planet/ORF and ZDF co-production The Future Is Wild. It was developed by Nelvana Animation, and directed by Mike Fallows, with characters and creatures designed by Brett Jubinville. It is made in CGI animation. The show is a Teletoon Original Production and first aired on Teletoon on June 28, 2010; it made its debut in the US on Discovery Kids on October 13, 2007. It now airs weekday mornings on The Hub. It features four teenagers who study the future of the earth to find a new habitat for humanity, while learning about the futuristic creatures who inhabit it. The show ran for one 26 episode season. It utilizes creatures speculated about in a the original version of The Future Is Wild, albeit with highly fictionalized elements.

Visningar: 116

Genre: Animerat

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TV Status: Avslutad

Längd: 22m min


TMDb: 50%