Top Billing

Top Billing

Top Billing is a South African television programme that airs every Tuesday evening on SABC3 from 19H30-20H30 and the repeats on Sunday at 12h00. It is founded by Basetsana Kumalo and Patience Stevens, who own the Tswelopele Production company. Top Billing is the longest-running lifestyle programme in South Africa, broadcasting since 1996. Top Billing recently started monthly magazine publications. People who dislike Top Billing, base their hostility on the ”questionable ethics” that ”dressed presenters will sit down alone to a meal prepared for them in a luxurious setting. This in a country where people are going hungry.”. Others complain that the content featured in the lifestyle programme are unaffordable to the average viewer. On the contrary, Top Billing producers affirm that Top Billing is aimed at giving ”South Africans hopes” that they too can achieve those luxuries they see on the programme.

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