Wow Meganon

Wow Meganon

Wow Meganon?! was a weeknight comedy gag show, hosted by Joey de Leon and Mr. Fu. It was a spin-off of the weekly gag show Wow Mali and a combination of the latter and Ogags. Aside from the gags, it featured segments like street magic and a puppet show. Other segment hosts included Wanlu, Calamity Fun, the tandem of Miko Petito, Maui Manalo and Jeffrey Tam. It aired weeknights at 10:15-10:45PM on TV5. On April 8, 2011, the show went off the air to make way for the return of Wow Mali.

Visningar: 82

Genre: Komedi

TV Status: Avslutad

Längd: 30m min

TMDb: 0%